Our Story



Strategic Spaces started with an idea – that your space is a crucial component to the success of your business.  When Dave Cvitkovich and Randy Saville founded Strategic Workspaces in 2003, they made a decision that customer service would be paramount and a new way of thinking needed to be introduced to the office environment.  Working within their existing customer and furniture vendor relationships, they created a process to help link their client spaces to their business results. 

Space is where you house your people, your technology and your process, and when built and designed correctly, can be the critical difference between mediocrity and excellence for your business.

In 2007, Michael Maude joined the ownership team and brought a passion and drive to their new business efforts, expanding their customer base to Healthcare, Higher Education and Life Science verticals, where they found a similar opportunity to implement their solutions.

Expanding on the idea and importance of leveraging high performance environments to help drive your business, Strategic Workspaces made a decision to become a distribution partner of DIRTT, a technology-driven manufacturer of highly customized interiors.  DIRTT, which stands for “Doing it Right this Time” offered a proprietary software call ICE and a revolutionary construction methodology that brings speed, efficiency and accuracy to the interior construction world.  This propelled Strategic Workspaces into a completely new business of construction! 

Now rebranded as Strategic Spaces, we continue to push the envelope when it comes to enhancing our client’s space – going beyond what our clients want and providing them the space they need to be a successful organization.