How It Works

Our goal is simple: Link your business to your space so that you can achieve success.  

How it works is simple: We listen and understand what your business objectives are. We develop a space strategy that is going to support them. We help you visualize the product solution and develop a plan to implement your project seamlessly. At the end of your project, we evaluate if the goals are met and we create a plan to evolve in your space. 

Why it works is simple: We care.


Our Solutions

The right furniture solution is critical to supporting the goals of your organization. Social spaces promote connection, collaboration, and a chance to share innovative ideas, while individual spaces promote focus and high-efficiency. Whether your needs are attracting and retaining talent, balancing focused work and open collaboration, or fostering innovation–we can help. Strategic Spaces works with your team to develop both broad and specialized product solutions, and we work with the best manufacturers, including Kimball Select Dealer, to ensure that these products support your company’s vision.

Work Spaces

Working Spaces should support your business goals and reflect your culture and values. Our approach focuses on how we can customize your interior to ensure increased collaboration, productivity, and efficiency for your business.

Healing Spaces

Healing Spaces should enhance patient well-being while supporting the diverse needs of clinicians and facilities teams. Uplifting environments can promote healing, so our approach focuses on how to design and build a space that ensures comfort while changing with the ever evolving needs that a healthcare facility demands.

Learning Spaces

Learning Spaces should inspire deeper learning through collaboration and technology-integration, while also supporting the diverse needs of both students and faculty. Our efficient process combined with the long term flexibility and adaptability of the environments we create are ideal for educational facilities.

News & Case Studies


BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company founded in 1916. Similar to Kimball Office in its strong belief in sustainability and the preservation of resources, the two companies are also linked by a common goal to create products that are built with integrity and durability.

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Perceptions, Expectations, Choice

First impressions matter. It only takes seconds for someone to form an opinion about an institution based on appearance. Well-designed spaces can set the tone for how an institution is perceived by prospective students, their parents, alumni and staff.

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J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, the largest facility in the WVU Medicine family of health facilities, provides the most advanced level of care available to the citizens of West Virginia and bordering states. Their staff consists of highly trained, dedicated professionals who are experienced in the latest techniques and technologies — and are also skilled in the art of caring.

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