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White Paper : Rethinking Offsite Construction

If prefabrication is the most popular off-site construction method among owners, why is the industry holding back on moving forward. Lack of technical knowledge, resistance to change and inability to develop strategic plans were the top reasons given for the aversion to adopt offsite construction. Some companies have gone through the motions, but many have […]

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Designing Our Client Experience Center

In late 2017 Strategic relocated to 280 Summer in the Seaport / Fort Point district of Boston. A year of planning, designing and building-out resulted in a state-of-the-art Client Experience Center, which serves as working visual aid to all clients, now and future. Thanks to our contracting and construction team at Vantage Builders, Strategics’ new […]

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Classroom of the Future

The classroom space is no longer just a place to sit and pay a ention. It has evolved into an interactive, multi-functional tool used to assist educators in the facilitating of a variety of learning modules.

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